St Peter’s Church, Cogenhoe


Electoral Roll

Every church in the Church of England has an electoral roll, which has no connection to the civil electoral roll.  To be entered on the roll you must be baptised and aged 16 or over and have signed a form of application for enrolment, which is available from the Electoral Roll Officer, and either

A be a member of the Church of England or of any Church in communion with the Church of England being resident in the parish or (not being resident in the parish) having habitually attended public worship in the parish during the six months prior to the application for enrolment; or

B be a member in good standing of a Church (not in communion with the Church of England) which subscribes to the doctrine of the Holy Trinity declaring themselves to be also members of the Church of England and having habitually attended public worship in the parish during the period of six months prior to enrolment.

You must be on the electoral roll if you wish to participate in the Annual Parochial Church Meeting or to stand for election to the PCC.

Useful Information

Other Church websites:

Benefice website, also contains the service calendar for all four churches and the Benefice Diary

St Mary the Blessed Virgin, Great Houghton

St Mary the Virgin, Little Houghton

St Laurence, Brafield

Diocese of Peterborough

Church of England

Here are some links to village organisations, which you may find helpful.

Cogenhoe and Whiston Parish Council

Official site of the Parish Council.

Cogenhoe and Whiston Village Hall is managed by the Parish Council..

Cogenhoe Preschool

Preschool Facebook page

Cogenhoe Pre-school has been open to the children of Cogenhoe and surrounding villages for over 45 years.

Cogenhoe Primary School

Read about the school, its vision, values, admission criteria and more.

Cogenhoe and Whiston Heritage Society

The history and heritage of our villages.

The Royal Oak

Cogenhoe’s village pub and restaurant

Diocese of Peterborough Churchyard Regulations


There is no legal right to place a memorial in a churchyard.  Churchyards are a valuable  heritage,  and  the  Chancellor wishes  to  ensure  that  memorials placed in churchyards are appropriate to their settings

These regulations contain the information and instructions given by the Chancellor (who is the Bishop’s Legal Officer) and Archdeacons relating to churchyards and set out the extent of a Minister’s authority to allow memorials in churchyards. They also contain notes for guidance on certain other legal matters relating to churchyards.

Please read the guidance on the Peterborough Diocesan Registry website before ordering or erecting a memorial. You will find the regulations and forms on this page. There is also a list of Stonemasons.

Reservation of Grave Spaces

It may be possible to reserve a grave space, for instance if you wish to be buried next to another family member.  This is done by petition to the Chancellor and you can find out more here.  If an application is granted the applicant is responsible for arranging a marker. This should be agreed with the Minister and put in place within three months.